Melanie J. Scott, MD, PhD

Fax: 412-864-0659

NW607 MUH, 3459 Fifth Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Research Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Education for Surgery Labs


MD – Medicine - University of Liverpool, UK

PhD – Immunology - University of Louisville, KY, USA

MRCSEd – Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Research Summary

My research interests involve investigating innate immune responses after surgery, trauma, hemorrhagic shock and infection.  My main research focus is the role of the inflammasome and inflammatory caspases on cell death and survival pathways during surgery and trauma. This work centers on elucidation of novel pathways of inflammasome activation and function in the liver, and how mitochondria are central to these responses in both sterile and infectious tissue injury. I am also very interested in the different ways inflammasomes are activated in multiple cell types in a cell type specific manner and how these varying responses help coordinate inflammatory responses to host stress and infection. I am also working on a project that investigates the role of pattern recognition receptors, danger signals and inflammasomes in models of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). I have multiple collaborations with other PIs in the department, within the university and also at other instituations, which allows me to work on the role of inflammasomes in varying model systems such as tick-borne Ehrlichia infection (a collaboration with Dr. Nahed Ismail in Pathology), and sickle cell disease (a collaboration with Dr. Prithu Sundd in the Vascular Medicine Insititute).

As a post-doctoral research associate I investigating the role of the pattern recognition receptor, TLR4, on endotoxin uptake and clearance by the liver and this work is continuing.  We are now uncovering exciting findings suggesting cell-specific roles for TLR4 on endotoxin homeostasis during sepsis. My PhD research investigated the role of natural killer and natural killer T-cells in the initiation of immune responses to sepsis, and I have since continued these studies in a model of hemorrhagic shock.

I am also involved with research investigating roles for damage associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) during trauma and infection.  This work is being undertaken in the Billiar lab in collaboration with multiple other labs both at Pitt/UPMC and at outside institutions.

Lab Affiliation

Lab Role

Principal Investigator


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