Upcoming Renovations to BST Vivarium

To All BST Investigators:

This email is to notify you that the 9th floor BST will undergo another series of renovations to increase animal housing capacity.  Two sets of 3 housing rooms each will be converted to a total of 4 high capacity housing rooms.  These renovations will be a repeat of the November/December renovations to rooms 930 and 933.

Part 1 of the project will begin on May 12th with rooms 912, 914, and 915.  Part 2 (rooms 921, 923, and 925) will begin once part 1 is completed.  All work is expected to be completed by mid to late September.

As always, noise and vibrations will be kept to a minimum, and should be comparable to the November/December work.  No significant issues with animal health and breeding are anticipated.

During the renovations, space in mouse housing rooms will be limited.  The Space Committee will attempt to satisfy requests for additional housing space, but may not be able to approve some requests until the completion of the project in September.  We appreciate efforts to minimize colony size during this project so that everyone’s needs can be accommodated.

Investigators in rooms 912, 914, and 915 will be contacted individually to coordinate the temporary relocation of their animals.  Please contact Matt Mihalik, BST Supervisor, with any concerns that you may have regarding this project. 

Thank you in advance, for your patience and support.