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The Department of Surgery General and Vascular Surgery Laboratories (GSVL) is committed to the education and training of new and current researchers. From undergraduate summer research to pre- and post-doctoral training , to surgical and vascular residents, the GSVL offers a variety of educational and training resources. GSVL strongly encourages its faculty to mentor researchers at all levels of education who are interested in surgical trauma, vascular surgery and related research. Faculty Researchers are involved in areas that encompass basic science to clinical trials and as such, the research training incorporates techniques, courses and seminars for  related projects.


  1. University Required Research Training: for an overview and access to the required  Internet-Based Training modules
  2. Postdoctoral Development Plan: this standardized career and development assessment will aid you in developing a mutually agreed upon plan with your primary faculty mentor as well as tracking your progress. All Postdoctoral Associates/ Scholars are required to submit a PI approved plan within 90 days of their initial appointment. To review and access the guidelines for this process click here
  3. Oral presentation of research results: Researchers are expected to present their project results every 6-12 weeks at either Dr. Simmons or Dr. Billiars' Research Conferences.



"Thank you to you Dr. Scott, Dr. Billiar, Meihong, Katie, Hong, and everybody in the Billiar lab for providing so much guidance during my first rotation. It was a great experience, one that will continue to contribute to my research career moving forward."

~Miranda Culley, Pitt MSTP Student~